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Dental Emergency Frederick, MD

An image representing a Dental Emergency in Frederick MDA dental emergency can be a very upsetting, and often painful, problem. From a cavity to an abscess, to a fractured tooth, to a lost tooth, there are many things that can go wrong. At Colliver Dental Group, we do not want our patients to be in pain, so our dentists, Dr. Bill Colliver and Dr. Marcie Bidinger make every attempt at seeing them as soon as possible. At times, immediate appointments are not possible, and in that situation, there are steps that you can take to relieve discomfort until you can be seen.

When a dental emergency arises, the best course of action is to contact our office as soon as you can to schedule an appointment. To relieve pain or discomfort before your appointment, you can:


When experiencing a lite to a severe toothache, there are some steps that you can take to alleviate the pain before your appointment. This includes:

•  Brush and Floss:The first step in alleviating tooth pain is to ensure that the area is clean. Sometimes debris or plaque can be in contact with the layer of dentin below the enamel causing pain. We recommend thoroughly cleaning the area with regular brushing and flossing.
•  Gargle Warm Salt Water:A step that can provide some relief is the gargling and spitting of warm salt water. Simply fill a cup with warm tap water and mix it with a spoonful of salt. Do not drink the salt water, but put it in your mouth, swish it around and spit. Salt water is known to assist in healing.
•  Over the Counter Pain Relief:Many patients find temporary relief in over the counter medications including Tylenol, Advil, and more.


An abscess is an indication of infection. Infections can be problematic. If you are experiencing symptoms including fever or vomiting, and are unable to schedule an immediate appointment, you may need to seek medical help. Abscesses can be a very painful problem when pus fills an area of your mouth, there isn’t much space for it to go so that the pressure can be very uncomfortable. In most cases, the patient needs a root canal. Before your appointment, the best way to relieve the pain is with the use of an over the counter pain relief medication such as Tylenol or Advil.

Fracture of a Tooth

When a patient has had a tooth break, it can be very painful. The patient will need to be seen by Dr. Bill Colliver or Dr. Marcie Bidinger for restoration. Before your appointment you can:

•  Medication:Take an over the counter temporary pain relief medication.
•  Putty:Most drug stores carry a putty-like substance in the dental care aisle. This putty can be placed on a clean tooth to help protect the exposed portion of the tooth.

Avulsed Tooth

A tooth that has been entirely knocked out may be able to be replaced if several factors come into play at the right time. A patient who has lost a whole tooth will have more success of replacement if they return the tooth immediately to its socket, without cleaning any tissue or ligaments off of it beforehand, a light rinse to remove dirt or grass is ok. The next step is coming in for an appointment as quickly as possible.

Contact Us When Dental Emergencies Arise

At Colliver Dental Group, we want to help our patients when dental emergencies arise. Immediate care can help with pain, and maybe help save a tooth. For more information, contact our Frederick office at: (301) 662-5914

Colliver Dental Group   
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