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Fluoride Treatment

Your teeth are strong, the strongest substance in your body. The outer layer is heavily mineralized, which not only allows you to bite and chew a variety of foods, but it also works to protect the inner layers of your teeth from bacterial invasion and infection. One of the elements that enable your teeth to remain strong is fluoride. Fluoride is a naturally occurring element that works to protect your teeth from acid attacks, both from plaque and oral bacteria as well as foods and beverages. Every day, fluoride is leeched from your teeth. It is also replaced. Fluoride can be found in fluoridated oral care products, treated tap water, and even in trace amounts in certain foods. For many people, this fluoride is enough. For others, however, they do not receive enough fluoride on a daily basis, leaving the teeth susceptible to the development of tooth decay and cavities. Colliver Dental Group can help with fluoride treatments.

Why is Fluoride Important?

Plaque and bacteria, while naturally occurring in your mouth, are both quite harmful. Plaque, the sticky substance that accumulates on your teeth throughout the day, is acidic in nature. Oral bacteria consume lingering sugars in your mouth, breaking them down and creating acids. When the acids remain on your teeth for too long, they can start to eat away at your enamel, leading to the formation of small pits, called cavities. Fluoride works to replace the minerals that are lost on a daily basis, remineralizing your teeth and making them more resistant to decay. Fluoride can also help reverse the earliest signs of tooth decay before they have an opportunity to form cavities.

A smile showing the before and after of a Fluoride Treatment in Frederick, MD

What are the Risk Factors for Tooth Decay?

One of the biggest contributing factors to tooth decay and the formation of cavities is poor oral hygiene. Brushing, flossing and regular dental visits are essential for keeping your mouth healthy. Neglecting any component of your oral care routine can quickly lead to an accumulation of plaque and oral bacteria, greatly increasing your risk for tooth decay. Other factors that increase your risk of tooth decay include:

•  Crooked teeth. Teeth that are crooked are harder to keep clean, leading to areas of your mouth that are harder to maintain. These areas can harbor plaque and bacteria, promoting their growth.
•  Receding gums. Gum recession exposes more of your tooth structure, and can even expose the roots. These areas hidden under the gums are not protected by enamel like the crowns of your teeth. The more the surfaces of your teeth are exposed, the greater your risk.
•  Certain lifestyle habits like smoking and drinking.
•  You suffer from dry mouth. This condition can be caused by different types of medications or a medical condition. When your mouth is dry, it creates an ideal environment for bacteria.

Treating Your Teeth with Fluoride

Professional fluoride treatments are often done at the very end of your bi-annual cleanings. They are quick, easy, and completely painless. Applying the treatment only takes a few minutes. After your teeth have been cleaned, a fluoride gel is applied to the surfaces of your teeth. There is no need to rinse, spit or otherwise remove the gel after it is applied. It is important, however, to avoid eating or drinking anything for at least 30 minutes after your treatment to give the fluoride time to absorb completely into the enamel, providing you with optimal results.

Can Adults Benefit from Fluoride?

Many people associate fluoride treatments with children. While fluoride is often recommended for children because of their increased risk of developing cavities, fluoride can be used on anyone of any age.

If you are at an increased risk of developing tooth decay and cavities, fluoride treatments can help to protect your enamel. Call Colliver Dental Group today to learn more and find out if fluoride treatments are right for you at (301) 662-5914.
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