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Oral Cancer Screening Frederick, MD

There are plenty of reasons to come in to our office two times a year for your professional dental cleanings and exams. Allowing us to clean all the things you might have missed gives you a distinct advantage over an oral health regimen that stops at brushing and flossing. Regular examinations allow us to check for common issues that may arise in your mouth as well as les common things that may go wrong like oral cancer.

How dangerous is oral cancer?

Oral cancer is a serious illness. It is estimated that around 50,000 Americans will be diagnosed with oral cancer this year, and roughly 10,000 Americans will die of the disease. It is a dangerous form of cancer that must be caught early to be treated successfully.

As far as cancer goes, it is a fairly deadly form not because it is hard to discover or diagnose, but because it is most often discovered in the late stages. Why is it only discovered in the late stages? People don’t come to get their regular oral screenings nearly enough is the short answer.

Oral Cancer Screening in Frederick, MD 21702 with Colliver Dental Group

Signs of Oral Cancer

Oral cancer refers to any cancerous growth in the gums, check linings, lips, tongue , and throat. When you start to notice changes in your mouth, whether or not they are particularly bothersome, it is important that you not ignore them. Rather, schedule an appointment with us by calling (301) 662-5914. If you experience any of the following symptoms, please make an appointment to come into our office and have an examination:

•  Swelling
•  Troubles swallowing
•  Change in the way your teeth fit together
•  Unexpected bumps
•  Unusual or unexplained bleeding
•  New bumps or growths

Any of the above issues are reason for concern and should be brought to our attention immediately. If sores in your mouth are quick to bleed and don’t heal fully in under a week, that could also be a reason to contact us. Jaw fatigue can be caused by cancers and benign tumors.

Risk Factors

When it comes to oral cancer the thing that puts you at the greatest risk is tobacco use. If you smoke or chew tobacco the chances of developing cancer of the mouth skyrocket. If you are a tobacco user, there are no reliable things that you can do to decrease your risk of oral cancer other than quitting. Whether or not you are able to quit smoking, make sure you come to see us for normal examinations.

It happens all too often that tobacco users don’t come in to see us because they are embarrassed that we will judge them for their tobacco use. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our sole mission is your continued oral health. If you are having issue quitting smoking, we only want to help to ensure that you don’t show any of the beginning stages or signs of cancer.

Please call our office at (301) 662-5914 to schedule your appointment today. Remember, if you are experiencing tooth or gum sensitivity for more than a week, you should be seen by us as that could be a warning sign of something more serious.
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